Higher purity PCR products with excellent primer dimer removal
March 4, 2014

In modern science, nucleic acid purification represents the most important and critical step to the success of all molecular biology applications. Scientists are often wasting their time and money using technologies that cannot deliver the yield and purity levels that they promise, especially without adding time or cost to their application. For this reason, OmniGenX is excited to announce that the new PureMag PCR Clean Up Kits can deliver a higher purity, higher yield PCR product that doesn't increase lab's costs or processing time but actually allows the final user to save money with its 20 minute protocol.

The PureMag PCR Clean Up Kits utilize state of the art paramagnetic bead technology that combined with unique buffer formulations delivers a superior high-throughput purification of PCR amplicons greater than 60bp. Thanks to the large surface area, the advanced chemistry, and the unique paramagnetic technology, PureMag beads provide more binding sites for nucleic acids. This results in higher yields and a recovery rate of 90% - which is significantly higher than the 80% obtained from the competition. Also, uniform bead size and shape guarantee a robust and reproducible performance by reducing variations from sample to sample.

But what is really revolutionary and sets these kits apart from the other beads available on the market is that they can efficiently remove primer dimers. While all beads on the market can deliver a purified product that is essentially free of contaminants by removing unincorporated primers, dNTPs, salts and enzymes during the binding and washing steps of the protocol, PureMag beads have proven to efficiently remove primer dimers. This eliminates extra time consuming clean-up steps and reduces the potential of sequencing bias. In other words, after the easy 20 minute protocol is completed, the PureMag purified product is ready to be used in routine and downstream applications such as Sequencing, Genotyping and SNP Detection, and Cloning with no extra clean-ups required! After PureMag beads are added at a 1.8 ratio and the binding of the PCR products occurs, a magnetic plate or device can immobilize the beads in seconds. And unlike conventional methods that require centrifugation to pellet the beads and careful aspiration, a magnetic device can ensure a maximum sample recovery by allowing a complete buffer removal with no sample dilution nor bead loss.

In conclusion, after taking a close look at all the magnetic beads that are available on the market, we can say that OmniGenX PureMag beads deliver a higher quality product that is also significantly more affordable than the other beads that are available at this time for PCR Clean up and NexGen Sequencing sample prep.

Maximal recovery and purity from the lowest elution and sample volumes
March 28, 2013

DNA and RNA purifications are an integral part of many application protocols in today's life science research. OmniGenX was founded to deliver state of the art technologies that provide pure product with high yields from a variety of sources such as single cells and difficult to lyse sample sources, as well as tools that can help scientists optimize the process.

Purification kits are available for single sample applications and in a 96-well plate format for high throughput and automated isolations of high quality DNA, RNA and proteins.

The company's challenge is to address the growing demand for solutions to those problems that scientists around the world are experiencing with the products that are currently available on the market. Low elution volume, no buffer carryover and extreme versatility are only a few examples of how OmniGenX is committed to bring valuable products to this market. The PureSpin columns and PurePlates, in fact, are uniquely designed to work with extremely low elution volumes and to ensure high performance in all downstream applications, such as PCR, qPCR, DNA ligation/cloning, enzymatic reactions, routine clean-ups, transfections, sequencing and arrays. The columns are available in flexible formats (capped and uncapped) and can perform in a wide range of protocols depending on the specific customer application. Also, if compared with Qiagen Spin columns (the current market leader), OmniGenX PureSpin column's special tip ensures no buffer retention by giving researchers the ability to recover those 2 or 3µl of precious sample and costly reagents that are usually trapped behind inside other columns.

OmniGenX recovery is the highest available on the DNA/RNA purification market at this time. Clean-up kits deliver over 90% of DNA recovery and the Gel DNA Purification Kit, just to mention a second example, can boost gel DNA recoveries to more than 80%, unlike Qiagen agarose gel extraction kit that yields 20-50% DNA. RNA kits technology enables quick RNA isolation from any enzymatic reaction with a tunable system that allows the scientist to choose the size of the recovery without increasing the elution volume.

Also, while many players in this industry only sell the kits by the pre-assembled unit, OmniGenX kit components can be purchased in bulk accordingly to every lab needs, providing great flexibility and savings with no reagents waste. They are also compatible with most competitors components which means that they will allow any lab to get the most out of its leftover buffers from other manufacturers.

The first OmniGenX kits to hit the market next month will be: the PureSpin DNA Clean-Up Kit - Micro, the PureSpin Genomic DNA Purification Kit, the PureSpin Plasmid Miniprep Kit, the PureSpin Gel Purification Kit, the PureSpin RNA Clean-Up Kit - Micro, the PureSpin RNA MiniPrep and more! Samples are available upon request and are already being distributed by E&K Scientific Products, Inc. With more than 35 years of experience, E&K represents a one-stop shopping destination for quality lab supplies and equipment, and is also well recognized for providing a customized and accessible customer service.

The life science community has now a new partner - OmniGenX - in the lookout for all the best solutions that the industry has to offer to streamline the research workflow and the company has already announced the launch of new kits that will cover additional market segments and areas of focus later this year...